We provide RICS Red Book valuations for a range of purposes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

RICS Red Book Valuations

  • We provide valuations for a range of purposes. Our Valuation reports are based on detailed research of recent transactions, in combination with local market knowledge gained over years of experience.
  • Some of the main types of Valuation we carry out are detailed below, however do not hesitate to contact us if you require a valuation for another purpose not described here.


When selling a property purchased under the Help-to-Buy scheme, or paying off your Help-to-Buy loan, an independent RICS valuation is required. We can produce the required report in a timely manner and for a cost effective fee.

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Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) valuations may be required for a range of purposes for use in your accounting affairs. A valuation may be required at multiple dates such as at the time of the sale or gift, or as at 31st March 1982 if the property was purchased prior to this date.

Inheritance Tax/Probate

An Inheritance Tax or Probate valuation is required for use by the Executor in calculating any liability for Inheritance Tax. A valuation report prepared by an expert surveyor is favourable to that of an estate agent as an incorrect figure may be challenged by HMRC, complicating and delaying the grant of probate.

Shared Ownership

If you wish to sell a shared ownership property, or purchase an additional share, a valuation is required in accordance with the RICS red book. We provide valuations for this purpose at competitive rates.

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